• What is an airdrop?
    Airdrops are Token-Distribution events, where coins or tokens are distributed amonst all signed-up participants for free. In most cases brand new projects chose this method of getting their coins out there because it results in a large userbase, following egaliterean principles.
  • What are these coins worth?
    The market decides upon the value of each available cryptocurrency. This is just as true for the coins distributed via an Airdrop. Most projects aim to solve a specific problem with their cryptocurrency, thus giving the underlying coin and technology value. The price is determined by market forces.
  • How do I make money off these coins?
    As soon as we change the status of an Airdrop to "tradeable" they can be exchanged for ETH or BTC. Usually Etherdelta.com is the first exchange to list them, where they can be traded in for ETH. ETH can easily be converted to BTC or cash. The quicker you sell, the higher the profit is usually the rule of thumb!
  • How to keep track of an Airdrops status?
    We keep track of all Airdrops you marked as "claimed". Those are subdivided into 3 Categories:
    1. Claimed: You have been exposed to the registration form and clicked "claimed". We canĀ“t actually track if you did everything right, so please pay close attention to the info each time before you select "claimed".
    2. Distributed The coins have either become available on the airdrops webpage or have been sent to your provided adress (Usually ETH Wallets such as MEW,Parity,JAXX) Keep track of your ETH Wallet and recieved Coins: etherscan.io
    3. Tradeable: The coins have become tradeable on an exchange. Usually Etherdelta is the first exchange to list any tokens on the ETH blockchain. The quicker you sell, the higher the profit proves true for most cases.

      Sell off your coins here: etherdelta.com.
  • How does the Affiliate System work?
    To use this feature, you are required to sign up here. On the Affiliate dashboard you can enter the unique part of your referral link or username you participated with. Every visitor that enters Airdroptator.com through your link will be displayed your referal link instead of ours in the rotator, giving you a huge opportunity to ean a substantial amount of coins!

    You can find an in-depth guide here.

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