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Airdroptator enables you to register for all current CryptoCurrency Airdrops, in one go. Airdrops are free Token Distribution Events that usually just require a signup to claim a stake in an upcoming CryptoCurrency.

The Tokens distributed from Airdrops can be sold for Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) on Exchanges, Etherdelta is usually the first Exchange to list such new CryptoCurrencies.

We will guide you through the signup pages and store a cookie to keep track of your progress. We have 3 checkmarks for each Website and you should check the status regularily:

  1. Claimed: You succesfully signed up (email or phone verification is your reliability to check upon)
  2. Paid: The Airdrop tokens were transfered to the accounts. This usually means the end of an Airdrop Event.
  3. Tradeable: The airdropped tokens have become tradeable. We will link at least one exchange for each CryptoCurrency Airdrop you signed up for.

No other website allows for such earnings in such short time!

Does it all sound foreign to you? No big deal! You donĀ“t have to understand it to make money from it! We list the projected $ value for each Airdrop Event, this is BY FAR the best and easiest way to earn Bitcoin or Ethereum currently available. Stop wasting your time with faucets! Get in on the CryptoCurrency Craze for free now!